Hello ladies and gentlemen. As some of you may know if your familiar with my personally ( or my social media as civillian42)I enjoy writing. I read as much as I can but more often then not words will come to mind and like the music and films I watch the free flowing nature of it all guides through me. As a sort of challenge to myself I will pick a random topic from just a topic generator and write about it as a sort of articulation and writing practice . I’ll do like 1 or two a day depending on how I’m feeling. Today’s first topic is an art reaction. Talking on three works of art that have interested me. For this I will talk on a work of music , film and a painting that have impacted me heavily and I will detail them in three part posts as each will take me some time to speak about. This is just gonna be the formula for most of my posts. I hope you all enjoy. And blessings to those that actually read - 42